Sep 052016

In response to the recent damage caused by Typhoon Mindulle, we have updated our homepage to make it easier for you to plan your visit to the Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark. Each page for the individual geosites now show whether there are any road closures or other restrictions affecting access to the area.

Areas without any restrictions display as below:

The Ichiburi Geosite is fully accessible to visitors!

Areas experiencing road closures or other conditions which restrict access to parts of the geosite display like this:


Parts of the Imai Geosite are currently closed

Finally, geosites which are completely closed, either due to road conditions or special restrictions, have the following notice:

maikomiThe Maikomidaira Geosite is normally inaccessible due to its location

If you would like more information about individual restrictions, please contact us by email at [email protected]

We are continuing to improve our homepage to make your visit to the Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our homepage, please let us know either by email or by commenting on our blog.