Feb 122013

Good afternoon, everyone!

We had a freezing cold morning at the Itoigawa Global Geopark today, but it’s thankfully warmed up a bit since then. Be careful if you’re walking on the streets!

Now, to chase away the cold weather we have some exciting news coming your way:

Over the weekend, the “Education for Disaster Prevention Challenge Plan” competition (sponsored by the Ministry of the Interior) was held in Tokyo and one of our local schools, Nechi Elementary School, returned with the top award, “Education for Disaster Prevention First Prize”!

Nechi Elementary Homepage

Nechi Elementary’s Homepage

This award is given to recognize schools which work with their entire community and region through a variety of unique activities.

Nechi Elementary’s school district includes Fossa Magna Park, the Kotakigawa Jade Gorge, Mt. Amazariyama, and a variety of other geological features spanning hundreds of millions of years of history. While this makes for spectacular scenery, it also means the area has long contended with a variety of natural disasters.

It is important when living in such a region to study about natural disasters, how to prevent them, and how to protect oneself and one’s community when disaster strikes.

Throughout the Itoigawa Global Geopark are a variety of natural landscapes and formations which can unexpectedly give rise to natural disasters including landslides, tsunamis and storm surges, avalanches and other snow-related disasters, and even volcanic eruptions.

We hope the children of Nechi Elementary will lead the way in teaching us new and creative ways in which to protect ourselves from the more malevolent forces of nature.



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  1. Woooo! Go Nechi!

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